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Funny Christmas Day Greetings ” New Naughty Christmas Collection”

 Funny Christmas Day Greetings ” New Naughty Christmas Collection”

The time of Christmas is coming once again and like every year Christmas is bringing lots of happiness for us. People will wish to others with different and special ways. If you want to become a reason of spreading smile on people’s face then send them naughty messages along with wishes. You don’t need to worry about the where you get these. This year if you want to wish you’re loved ones with special ways during all holiday season then stay in touch with us. So, we will recommend to all feel free to visit our website and get through us best and unique collection of funny Christmas greetings. Hope you will like it

Funny Christmas Day Greetings Free

  1. I think Santa must ride a plane
    instead of sleigh so that he can reach me faster.
    I oftentimes fell asleep waiting for him.
  2. Christmas is mostly for children.
    But we adults can enjoy it too,
    until the credit card bills arrive.
  3. Christmas carolers sing about peace on
    earth, but they don’t tell us where
  4. Christmas trees are like boobs
    Fake ones r nice to look at
    but real ones are better
  5. This bright New Year is given
    to me to live each day with zest,
    to daily grow and try to be my highest and my best!
  6. If one night a big fat man jumps
    in at your window grabs you and
    puts you in a sack don’t worry
    I told Santa I wanted you for CHRISTMAS.
  7. Be on the lookout for jolly,
    old, fat, white-bearded men bearing gifts.
  8. Christmas is the season of peace
    and goodwill till you go shopping and get the bill.
  9. Let us rejoice and enjoy
    Has lord has given this day to drink
    as much you want Happy Christmas
  10. Dear Santa this year please gives me
    a big fat bank account and a slim body
    and this year don’t mix the two up
  11. When you’re lonely, I wish you Love!
    When you’re down, I wish you Joy!
    When you’re troubled, I wish you Peace!
    When things seem empty, I wish you Hope!
    Have a Happy New Year!
  12. Santa wont be coming this year…
    He died laughing when you said you been a good girl.
    Have a Merry Christmas
  13. Man will live for ever
    Because of Christmas
    (Because of Christmas Day drinking)
    Merry Christmas to you
  14. Christmas is not only for praying and praising
    But for drinking and messing around also
    Merry Christmas
  15. Christmas is for priest, He rejoices
    Again and again while delivering the speech
    To helpless Church crowd.
    (Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing)
    So let us celebrate the Christmas here
    Merry Christmas to you
  16. It’s so silly that when our stomachs are gaining weightaround Christmas our wallets are losing weight. Merry Christmas.
  17. Do not expect Santa
    They all are Drunk and flat
    Merry Christmas without gifts
  18. Christmas is one day when girls get to kiss boys to wish them without being called a slut!
  19. Dearest Santa I promise I will never bitch about anyone please get me….ah nah, forget it, I’ll get it for myself!
  20. I hate Santa! He reminds me of the men who come for 10 minutes, do their thing and disappear for the remaining 364 days!

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