message from santa claus

Lovely Christmas Greeting Messages For Santa Claus

Christmas is a religious festival of Christians celebrated on 25 December of the year. Christmas is one of the biggest festival celebrate by Christians community in all over the world. Christmas is a magical season of the year, when every person looks happy. Christians celebrate Christmas very faithfully and according to the tradition. Christmas is not completed without Santa Claus gifts. Santa Claus is most loving person on Christmas. Santa Claus send gifts to children. Send Lovely Christmas Greeting Messages For Santa Claus to say thanks. Giving of gifts is a tradition. Children look so happy when they get their gift. Not only children but elder also get gifts by Santa Claus. Gifts giving by Santa Claus is happiest time of Christmas. If you don’t get your gift by Santa Claus. Send these Lovely Christmas Greeting Messages For Santa Claus and do demand of gifts. We have Lovely Christmas Greeting Messages For Santa Claus to you and others does not get their gift. Demand some special gift on this special festival. I wish you get your gift hurry. Christmas is a golden time of the year, when every family spend time together. Lovely Christmas Greeting Messages For Santa Claus are available here on

message from santa claus

Dearest Santa I promise I will never bitch
about anyone please get me….ah nah,
forget it, I’ll get it for myself!


Santa iz just like every other man
Comes and goes in less than 5 min
eats ur food,calls u a Ho
leaves before you get up


Christmas is not so much about opening gifts,as opening our hearts!


I stopped believing in Santa Claus at the age of 5
when my mom tried 2 make me believe that he lives in a toy shop.


Do not expect Santa
They all are Drunk and flat
Merry Christmas without gifts


a message from santa claus special

“Sorry kids, Santa died. But the good news is now you can
listen to Santana songs instead of Santa songs at Christmas time.”


Is Santa so busy that he cannot
find time to groom himself?
I think he needs to shave his beard.


Hasn’t Santa ever heard of Diet Coke and the treadmill?


Can I have your picture? so Santa Claus knows exactly what to give me. Happy Christmas.


Hope your Christmas is an ideal measure of fun and laughter!


message from santa claus poem 2016

Dear Santa, so what i have
done may have been bad but
I pretty sure breaking and
entering and stealing peoples
food is worse So lets call it even


I think Santa must ride a plane instead
of sleigh so that he can reach me faster.
I oftentimes fell asleep waiting for him.


May Santa Claus bring  you lots of gifts!
Merry Christmas!


“The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows
where all the bad girls live.”


Santa Claus has come to town, So all you children sing aloud! Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho Ho!